What is a Maiji?

Rhymes with cagey, pagey, stagey, uh, um …

This is a maiji. A maiji.

It looks like a squirrel, but it is a maiji. (And even if the artist forgets to draw a tail, it is NOT a hamster.)

The mystery revealed

A bouncing maiji
Maijis come in many shapes and sizes, but for the most part they are: 1. big headed. 2. tiny-winged. 3. soft and squishy-tummied. In short, round, high-pitched, tiny and whiny. Their little wings, often confused for arms by the uneducated observer, allow them to fly gracefully through the air, not unlike hummingbirds. They are also the secret to the universe, for at the center of every atom is a maiji running feverishly in a hamster wheel.

The One True Maiji, from whom all other maijis spring, is a shining paragon of maiji-ness who fancies herself the Squirrel Queen of the Universe. (Does this contradict anything I said already?) She needs to be fed (ideally with pudding or indie comics) and rotated towards the sun three times a day.

Okay, for real

Now that you’ve been thoroughly confused, let’s go back to reality! In the real world, the Maiji was a little black squirrel (oh so very Canadian) I started drawing back in elementary school. With every iteration, she grew fatter, and her limbs more rudimentary. It was like kind of like reverse evolution. To put things in perspective, here is possibly the earliest maiji that has ever been found, located in the depths of my elementary school planner:

The first every maiji

oh my goodness.

In any case, she’s since turned into a convenient mascot (or even an alter ego) and a long-running in-joke amongst friends. Maijis are a base from which I can draw all sorts of silly things!

The end.