Working with Left Me Overs – more work in progress photos

More work-in-progress photos from my left hand zine! Left Me Overs is a mixed media zine being made predominantly with my non-dominant hand. I started this earlier in the summer and have been working on it on and off. The techniques, media and materials used thus far include: pen, pencil, pencil crayon, watercolour, embossing/debossing, rip-cut-and-paste collage with various papers (including washi, handmade and machine-made writing, text and cover stock), and yarn.

Part of the reason this project title is a play on “left overs” is because I didn’t really put much thought into it in terms of “these are the techniques I want to use, and the materials!” – rather, it grew organically out of looking at whatever I had lying around.

2013-leftmeovers-wip-07 2013-leftmeovers-wip-08

While my goal is to use my left hand as much as possible to do everything, there are times when it’s not possible or would be just plain dumb (i.e., a safety hazard) to not do so. When creating cut letters for one of the spreads, I used this Fiskars Fingertip detail/craft knife I picked up for about $3 at Winners. It’s pretty awesome and much easier on my right hand than using a standard xacto knife!

One of the things I’m still working out is the process of getting these images onto the computer for prepress/putting the book together. I don’t often work in more three-dimensional media, and obviously the scanner is going to flatten things out. I’m thinking about photographing some of the pages instead, but I don’t have professional equipment or reliable lighting, so will have to play around with this. Still thinking about it!

I have 1 spread waiting to be converted into digital form (in some fashion …), and four more pages to do before this is complete. My goal is to have this ready in time for Canzine next month!