Which Baggu, Catcoon? (minigame)


Java program for Windows or Mac OSX

Which Baggu, Catcoon? is a simple matching minigame I made in Processing as the final assignment in my Creative Programming Coursera class. It’s based on a silly in-joke I have with friends. Basically, Catcoon is a cross between a cat and a raccoon with a “baggu” on his head. “Baggu” means bag, but any sort of container will do. You’re given a situation and need to decide which baggu is most appropriate for Catcoon to wear.

There are random hints for each situation, but in the spirit of silliness most of them are humourous instead of helpful. When you make or miss a match, you’re rewarded with an amusing success or failure image. You can also toggle between a bouncy or calming background song. The speed of the “meow” that plays when you click is randomized so that you get a variety of different meows to sound like different cats. The cursor is also a cat’s paw.

My previous assignment was more algorithmic, so with this piece I wanted to focus on creating an interface and making a more cohesive game experience. I also wanted something whimsical and cute, so I tried to develop everything with that in mind.

I was debating between doing the artwork digitally or in watercolour, and in the end a hand/arm/shoulder injury made the decision of going with the latter automatic (less strain). This resulted in a more traditional media/handmade crossover look and feel. With the exception of the music, I recorded all of the silly sound effects.

Below are some work-in-progress screenshots of my attempts at laying out out the UI before illustrating.