The last set of what’s left work in progress photos

Months later, Left Me Overs is finally ready to print! I’m in the process of proofing and finalizing the art perzine. The book will be self-bound using a tab and slot format/method, so I’ve been testing imposition of pages and also paper stock.

In the meantime, here’s one final set of work in progress photos. This spread – the last in the book – uses masking fluid and watercolour. The final text is done with a blue Pilot V5 Hi-Tecpoint (you can see just a hint of my starting the writing in the last photo), allowing for some blobbing when the liquid ink hit the not-completely-dry watercolour.

2013-leftmeovers-wip-11 2013-leftmeovers-wip-12 2013-leftmeovers-wip-13 2013-leftmeovers-wip-14

I’m on track to have Left Me Overs available this October at Canzine. Yay!