The Dispossessed Headboard: My first 24 Hour Comic

So on October 2, 2010, my friend Joanna and I officially embarked on our first-ever kick at the 24 Hour Comics Day can. Being practical about it, we decided not to kill ourselves and decided to give ourselves timeouts for eating and sleeping. We didn’t cut ourselves slack for rambling off-topic discussions, wasted tweeting time, or getting distracted by Mythbusters episodes on Niconico.

This was the first time I feel like I managed to take a bunch of real-world experiences and ideas and fuse them all into a relatively coherent story. Without further ado, here’s The Dispossessed Headboard. (Completed pages can be seen here.)

The total time, from beginning to sketch to final erasing of all pencil lines on the last completed page was about 31 hours. Elapsed time, where we didn’t count meals, sleeping, or my going home travel time, was under 21 hours.

The story was cobbled together from many personal experiences, things that were happening while drawing the comic, and other in-jokes. A couple of things I learned:

  • thumbnailing = super helpful for getting pacing and pagination down
  • also helpful because it allows you to jump around to different pages if you get bored or hit a wall on one section
  • doing every page in a different colour of permanent marker = not the brightest of ideas
  • sleep is good.

And here are some photos from the whole experience!

Needless to say, I definitely want to do this again!