Thoughts on The Osamu Tezuka Story – a fan and comic artist’s perspective

Being an artist, I enjoy reading about the creative/creation process. It’s healthy and helpful to remember everybodyR

Little treasures – Japanese Kodansha-Tuttle textiles book

I was at the JCCC Annual Bazaar today and was lucky enough to stumble upon this gem for only one dollar! Textiles (No. 2 Arts

A trip to Taipei in watercolours

Traveling is always such an intense yet somehow ephemeral experience. Nothing feels quite real till you get there, and when yo

A walk through an early earth: The Encyclopedia of Early Earth by Isabel Greenberg

I spotted The Encyclopedia of Early Earth in the World’s Biggest Bookstore, at an end-aisle display in the graphic novel

Pocket Maiji’s Guide to Maijis work in progress and finished photos

Much earlier in 2012 I decided I wanted to create another “quick” mini booklet, something similar to the accordion

“murmur nation”: original comic preview and work in progress photos

Alright! In the home stretch! With only four pages and a cover left to go, plus scanning, cleaning up, layout / text, printing

Two Zines: My Awesome Dept. and Oh Canada!

(Originally posted on Posterous – not all images made the migration) As promised, here are photos of the two zines I mad

Making zines … and making more Makers!

Last week we made zines at work! (I should mention that July was the month of the 24 Hour Zine Thing. I was so pumped about su

“Pieces Before Dishes” interior illustrations: work in progress photos

Got the bound proof from the printer last night, sniffle … Ten days of blood, sweat and tears! Now I’m just terrif

“Pieces Before Dishes” poetry book: cover work in progress photos

Pieces Before Dishes is an illustrated book of poetry, featuring a black and white cover and 20 full colour interior pages (fo