Practicing bookbinding with mini (lazy) casebound book

I finished making all my Christmas cards! Hooray! Now I have to write and address all of them … boohoohoo … but look forward to a post coming soon of work in progress and finished photos!

In other creative news, last weekend I was at the annual OCAD Book Arts Fair. I love events like this because it’s always so incredibly inspiring to see what people are creating, and this kind of stimulation also helps kick my butt and get me going on things I keep intending to do. One project I’ve always wanted to take on is to create some little handmade casebound (hardcover) books, whether it be an artbook, comic or other type of zine.

Here’s a test for my first ever~ (about 2.75″ x 4.25″).


I just wanted to go through the process to get comfortable with it, so everything is very haphazardly done and lazy shortcuts everywhere with whatever I happened to have on hand: photocopy paper, old presentation boards from my sis, random pieces of washi (used for attaching the signatures in conjunction with a saddlestapler), scrap of wrapping paper for the cover, and of course my favourite bottle of neutral pH adhesive.

Ended up with lots of sticky fingers and an old brush in the garbage can, but I’m feeling excited at how decently it turned out even despite how intentionally half-assed it was! Now to ruminate over some promising ideas for content and pick one … and stick with it …