Pocket Maiji’s Guide to Maijis work in progress and finished photos

Much earlier in 2012 I decided I wanted to create another “quick” mini booklet, something similar to the accordion folded format of Chinese Animal Proverbs, but in black and white for ease of production. I came up with the idea of a series of little books about maijis as a fun little way of introducing people to my silly mascot/alter ego. Then other stuff came up, and my maijis were put onto the back burner.

Over the holidays, while taking a break from (trying to) work on some other comics/books, I started rereading Making Handmade Books. There’s a great folding book structure in there designed by Paul Johnson called the Guestbook that I’ve always wanted to use for something. It allows you to create a 14 page book from a single sheet of paper, and is a refreshing advancement from the well-known “X book” (8 page book folded from a single sheet of paper). I went online to try to find examples of other people using the guestbook format, and found these instructions for combining the Guestbook with the Xbook to create a 16 page minibook (it’s actually a pretty obvious modification, but I didn’t come up with it! :).

So armed with this, I ended up revisiting the maijis and condensed the 2 minibooks into one minibook. This “quick” project ended up taking me nearly my entire break (on and off) to sketch ink, scan and layout because I am slow and easily distracted. But at least I finished it!

Here are some photos of my sketches, mockups and the finished book.




The little graduation hat maiji was made by a friend of mine back in high school :)



16 pages of fat little maijis. What could be better?