Pieces Before Dishes

“Before dish” is the literal translation of the Chinese word for appetizer or hors d’oeuvre. Pieces Before Dishes is “an assortment of things scribbled across many years and illustrated in a great rush”.

Pieces Before Dishes Pieces Before Dishes Pieces Before Dishes Pieces Before Dishes Pieces Before Dishes cover artwork

Essentially, it’s a collection of poems I’ve written from high school to present day, edited, illustrated, and designed in 10 days. OK, the editing of the poems took longer than that, but the illustration and page layout were pretty much done in 10 intense days of after work + weekend painting and whining.

The topics of the poems range from fairy tales to personal childhood memories, with recurring themes/imagery of the sky, wandering, past/present/time, and the individual experiences common to everyone.

  • printed: June 2011
  • size: 5″ x 8″, 20 pages plus cover
  • binding method: saddlestiched
  • production notes: cover printed on Mohawk Via Vellum Willow 80 lb. cover, interior pages printed on 70 lb. uncoated text

Table of contents:

  • opening
  • and he thought, what a beautiful castle.
  • _____ (blank)
  • a merciless attack at dusk
  • spring
  • blue lace bouquet
  • lessons
  • the nightingale’s song
  • the word sky
  • comfort
  • time passed
  • an old world