“Pieces Before Dishes” poetry book: cover work in progress photos

Pieces Before Dishes is an illustrated book of poetry, featuring a black and white cover and 20 full colour interior pages (for something a little bit different).

I’ve been working feverishly on this since returning from Anime North, in between work work and other life things. Actually, that’s not quite true; the specific idea came before the convention, and the core content has been around for much longer. The subtitle of the project is “an assortment of things scribbled across many years and illustrated in a great rush”, and that pretty much says it all.

The concept was simply to go through my old documents – both physical journals and digital files, some dating well back to the beginning of high school – pick out some of my writings with merit that had never really been shown anywhere else, polish them up a bit, and then paint like crazy. I really really wanted this to be ready in time for the Small Press Toronto Book Fair on June 19, and with the files almost ready for the printer now hopefully they will be!(Dear myself in the future: Please don’t try to do something like this in 10 days again. Ever.)

Here are a few photos I took while I was working on the cover, including some doodles when I was still trying to decide what to name the book in tandem with the cover design. You can see I was playing with the idea of things in pieces, small bites, etc.

In upcoming posts I’ll have more wip photos of some interior illustrations, and some previews of the finished book!