People In Front Of Places

Here are some people.* They’re standing** in front of places.
Each with their own stories. Written down, and not.
Please, enjoy.

* Among other things.
** Or sitting, or strolling, etc.

People In Front Of Places - cover People In Front Of Places - table of contents/playlist


zine_pifop_04 zine_pifop_05

People In Front Of Places was inspired by travel and a bunch of environmental pen drawing exercises I was doing at the beginning of 2013. The contents are exactly what the title implies: I’ve taken photos from various trips and outings, drawn them, then added people (and animals!) to them, then wrote some microfiction and poetry around each of the images that resulted. At the end of the book, you can see all of the original photos as well. Featured places include shots from around Toronto, Montreal, New York City, Austria (specifically Innsbruck and Hall in Tirol), and Tokyo. The oldest photo was taken in 2005; the newest from early 2013.

This black and white zine features 10 original illustrations done with a Pilot V5 0.5 Hi-Tecpoint Liquid Ink rollerball pen.

  • first printed: April 2013
  • size: 4.25″ x 5.5″, 24 pages plus cover
  • binding method: saddlestitched
  • production notes: cover printed on Royal Sundance 70 lb. text (Kraft colour and Fiber finish), interior pages printed on Cougar 60 lb. text, back cover and “endpapers” pattern courtesy of scrap papers from The Paper Place