People In Front Of Places – fountain work in progress photos

In my last work in progress post, I described the zine I’m working on as “black and white drawings and microstories. It’s about people and places, and is a bit of fantasy x reality.” Just short of three months after completing the first illustration, I’ve finally finished all of the pen drawings for it! And now I can share the extremely descriptive title as well: People In Front of Places.

Because really, that pretty much describes what it is. I’ve taken photos from several trips, drawn them, added people (and animals!) to them, and then created (very) short stories around each of these images.

Here are some photos of my process with the final illustration, completed just earlier today.

peopleplaceswipfountain_01 peopleplaceswipfountain_02 peopleplaceswipfountain_03 peopleplaceswipfountain_04


This particular photo was a shot of Vauquelin Square in Old Montreal. It probably took me the longest of all the illustrations to finish because I had to work up the courage to shade the face and draw the water spouts from the fountain in pen. In the end, I got through it by playing Guren no Yumiya on loop to put me into an epic devil-may-care mood, put pen to paper and just dooooo ittttt.

Now I need to polish up my writing, impose all my pages, print/assemble/bind/etc. and the book will be ready in time for the Toronto Indie Arts Market on April 13! Hurray!