People+places – work in progress photos

One of the goals I set for myself this year was to increase my frequency of drawing. Since this isn’t my full-time job, it’s easy for me to go for weeks without drawing anything!

I started using this Piccadilly notebook my friend gave me, filling it mainly with pen sketches of Posemaniacs and also referencing photos of interesting images – particularly buildings. I’ve been posting some of the sketches on my tumblr. These exercises have inspired me to work more with pen, to actually enjoy it, and just to draw more architecture and environments in general.

So! Naturally, all this got me going on making a new zine. This little publication will feature black and white drawings and microstories. It’s about people and places, and is a bit of fantasy x reality.

Here are a few work in progress photos of one of the interior illustrations, as well as the cover. As you can see from the photos, I’m using a Pilot V5 0.5 Hi-Tecpoint Liquid Ink rollerball pen because … I have a lot of them.

peopleplaceswip_01peopleplaceswip_02 peopleplaceswip_03 peopleplaceswip_04 peopleplaceswip_05

I’m saving paper – so you can see the edges of another drawing just to the left of the cover picture :)

I’ve got about five more illustrations left to go and crossing my fingers it’ll be done in time for the Toronto Indie Arts Market … if not, it’ll definitely be available for Anime North!

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