murmur nation

We are a nation of storytellers. We can make stories out of anything.

Four stories about stories: how we tell them (and how we understand them) in our limited but human way. The tales revolve around a doctor’s note, a bottle, a stone and a rubber duck. And, of course, people.

murmur nation front and back covermurmur nation 5murmur nation 4murmur nation 3murmur nation 2murmur nation 1

murmur nation is the first original comic I’d created in a long, long time – that is, an original “finished” comic that wasn’t something I came up with in elementary or high school. I had this vague idea of wanting to write a story around the vague theme of communication, something I’ve attempted to visit from many different angles before, and getting accepted to exhibit at TCAF was probably the catalyst to finally go and DO something.

My process wasn’t so different from what I (or many other people, I imagine) usually do: I started with a number of independent elements drawn from various tales and memories, things both real and not-real that I’d read, heard, imagined or even encountered myself. I jotted down notes and ideas during my commute to work, read and reread my thoughts, and edited or added to them as I came across other things in my daily activities. Gradually these individual elements started to string themselves together into the bare semblance of a story.

After a while it became clear that there were too many elements, and they worked better as several separate stories I could weave together in various ways (I always love to play with form in tandem with developing content; it can be distracting, but I can’t help it). A much more specific theme emerged from the vague communication idea: a focus on storytelling itself and how people interpret things through the filter of our own experiences, and how we give things meaning even if they have none.

The thinking/planning/refining of the general structure and plot of each story, and the book as a whole, took place over the course of about half a year or so. In the end, it finally came together in a single month of insane drawing – drawing drawing drawing practically every moment I wasn’t eating or sleeping or working to get it printed in time for TCAF. But I did it! Yay! And phew.

  • first printed: April/May 2012
  • size: 5″ x 7.5″, 60 pages plus cover
  • binding method: saddlestitched
  • production notes: cover printed on Lynx 80 lb. uncoated cover, interior pages printed on Lynx 60 lb. uncoated text