“murmur nation”: original comic preview and work in progress photos

Alright! In the home stretch!

With only four pages and a cover left to go, plus scanning, cleaning up, layout / text, printing blahblahblah, I finally feel comfortable enough to share photos of the comic I’ve been working on (and whining about on Twitter) for the past few frenetic weeks / months! It will be debuting at TCAF in May, knock on wood (Translation: I feel relatively confident I will be able to finish this). If you happen to be in Toronto the weekend of May 5 and 6, please check it out – it’s an inspiring and free comics event! :D

We are a nation of storytellers. We can make stories out of anything.

murmur nation is a collection of four short stories about stories, featuring a doctor’s note, a bottle, a stone and a rubber duck. The recurring themes throughout the book are how we communicate / make sense of the world around us, how we gravitate towards storytelling, and how all of our stories, no matter where they come from, have common ground in our limited but very human experiences.

murmur nation is my first (nearly) complete attempt at doing a proper and generally serious original comic. It’s been a great challenge and learning experience so far, especially in the art of disciplining yourself to put your head down and just keep forging ahead. I drew a lot of objects I’ve never tackled before, and there were some pleasant surprises when I discovered several things that had been stressing me out actually turned out to be quite fun to draw (e.g. stuff falling into water). I don’t claim to be a super accurate artist, but it was enjoyable and didn’t come out looking like complete derpiness (bonus!).

Side note: the final short story features a guest appearance by Adam from my 24 Hour Comic The Dispossessed Headboard (which can be read in its entirety on my website). This is not anything special, except for it being convenient and amusing for me.

murmur nation will total 60 pages, with black and white pencil artwork and watercolour painting featured on the cover. Here are some work in progress photos of the cover, my incomprehensible thumbnails, some character design sketches, and preview pages of a few of the stories!