Learning patience with what’s left

About three months ago I injured my right hand, starting a chain reaction of other physical problems. Since then I’ve been trying to keep up my regular creative schedule somehow, because making things helps keep me sane. Of course, it’s not quite the same – my output is definitely not normal, and I need to figure out workarounds and rest a lot more. I frequently forget or don’t want to, which is probably not good for ongoing recovery/improvements …!

One of the projects I started is a left hand zine, made primarily with, well, my left hand, including drawing and writing. Due to the lower motor skills and control, it’s a slow process, but I’m using more and different media compared with what I typically do (em/debossing, collage etc.). Overall it’s a more tactile piece, which is a nice change to experiment with.

2013-leftmeovers-wip-01 2013-leftmeovers-wip-02 This zine is mostly intended to be therapeutic, so it’s kind of abstract and messy (I’ve joked with some friends that it is “shabby chic”). But it touches on my experience being ambidextrous as a child, my recent right and left hand issues, and just a desire and attitude about making and doing in general.

2013-leftmeovers-wip-03 2013-leftmeovers-wip-04 2013-leftmeovers-wip-05

The last photo is actually a test painting/drawing/doodle, though I am using the text for the actual zine itself.


It’s on hold for the moment as I give my left side a bit of a break. I was hoping to have it done in time for the next Toronto Indie Arts Market, but more likely it won’t happen till mid- or late fall. In the meantime I just wanted to share some work-in-progress photos to make it a bit more real.