Consider this: Artist Alley table setup variables

I’ve been attending artist alleys/events since 2005, and through these experiences (as well as being involved in running

A walk through an early earth: The Encyclopedia of Early Earth by Isabel Greenberg

I spotted The Encyclopedia of Early Earth in the World’s Biggest Bookstore, at an end-aisle display in the graphic novel

Many year-end fortunes: 2013 Christmas cards!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Here are my 2013 Christmas cards: personalized End-of-Year Fortunes! They’re little

The last set of what’s left work in progress photos

Months later, Left Me Overs is finally ready to print! I’m in the process of proofing and finalizing the art perzine. Th

Working with Left Me Overs – more work in progress photos

More work-in-progress photos from my left hand zine! Left Me Overs is a mixed media zine being made predominantly with my non-

Learning patience with what’s left

About three months ago I injured my right hand, starting a chain reaction of other physical problems. Since then I’ve be

Ways to visualize book imposition (page layouts)

Imposition is essentially the art of page layout. It’s about figuring out how pages of a book will be positioned on a sh

People In Front Of Places – fountain work in progress photos

In my last work in progress post, I described the zine I’m working on as “black and white drawings and microstorie

People+places – work in progress photos

One of the goals I set for myself this year was to increase my frequency of drawing. Since this isn’t my full-time job,

See how we’ve grown into our digital lives. #edcmooc

“I was born at the best time: young enough to not fear computers, old enough to not fear human interaction, dead before

Ramblings about parting hair, drawing, and learning to see

Today after I took a shower, I parted my hair the opposite way of how I’ve been parting it for perhaps the last 15+ mont

“Birdscarf” work-in-progress photos

Birdscarf is a sketch I had drawn much earlier in 2012, one of several I had doodled while trying to decide on an illustratio