Thoughts on The Osamu Tezuka Story – a fan and comic artist’s perspective

Being an artist, I enjoy reading about the creative/creation process. It’s healthy and helpful to remember everybodyR

Art year in review: Focus focus focus! in 2016

Another year, another art retrospective! The end of one year/beginning of the next doesn’t necessarily make me more refl

Wishing upon a pocket shooting star

It seems like the trials and tribulations of one year’s Christmas cards often inspire my thinking for the next. After th

The personal equation of art + work

Over the past year I’ve had quite a few conversations that gave further pause to reflect on my approach to my art and craft.

Art year in review: 2015 inkthrough and thinkthroughs

So here we are, taking stock of how 2015 was from a creative perspective! So December isn’t even over yet, but I had lot

Enjoying a hot cuppa – 2015 Christmas cards

For a while now I’ve been wanting to do a black and white Christmas card – something that works well conceptually

Little treasures – Japanese Kodansha-Tuttle textiles book

I was at the JCCC Annual Bazaar today and was lucky enough to stumble upon this gem for only one dollar! Textiles (No. 2 Arts

Art year in review: looking back at a productive 2014

This was the first year in a long time that I’ve actually felt like I could do one of these art summary memes! Featured

A flurry of good wishes – 2014 Christmas cards

Since 2008 I’ve been making my own Christmas cards. I find it’s a great way to force myself to do an original pie

A trip to Taipei in watercolours

Traveling is always such an intense yet somehow ephemeral experience. Nothing feels quite real till you get there, and when yo

Consider this: Artist Alley table setup variables

I’ve been attending artist alleys/events since 2005, and through these experiences (as well as being involved in running

A walk through an early earth: The Encyclopedia of Early Earth by Isabel Greenberg

I spotted The Encyclopedia of Early Earth in the World’s Biggest Bookstore, at an end-aisle display in the graphic novel