hua (series)

Digital ink illustration series of some of my favourite flowers. Started June 2020 and currently in progress. You can read m


なかなかに人と生れて秋の暮 naka-naka ni hito to umarete aki no kure quite remarkable / being born human… / autu


露の世は露の世ながらさりながら tsuyu no yo wa tsuyu no yo nagara sari nagara The world of dew is a world of dew


梅がかに引くるまりて寝たりけり ume ga ka ni hikiku[ru]marite netari keri tucked into folds / of plum blossom sc

Genjimonogatari (series)

Illustration series inspired by Tale of Genji. Fude de mannen, ink and watercolour. Started March 2018 and currently in progre

Dharma series

Illustration series of personal reflections on various Buddhist concepts. Ink, glass dip pen and waterbrush. Started March 20

nuǎn (warm)

Brush pen and water. Completed December 2018. The Chinese character 暖 (nuăn – “warm”) is written today wi


Shuntokumaru from the Noh play “Yoroboshi”. Fountain pen ink and waterbrush. Completed November 2018.

31 days of poetry and ink

Brush pen on etegami postcard. For Inktober 2018, I illustrated a selection of my short poems spanning from 2007 to the day I

The Nue and the Monk

Inspired by the Frank R. Stockton story The Griffon and the Minor Canon. Fountain pen ink. Completed June/July 2018.

Niounomiya / Kaoruchujo (The Perfumed Prince / The Fragrant Captain)

Niou no Miya and Kaoru Chujo from Tale of Genji (Uji chapters). Fountain pen ink and waterbrush – Papier Plume Sepia, Ky

Through My Mind (series)

Brush pen, ink, watercolour. Completed April and May 2017.