“Building a Red Forest” work in progress photos

I feel like I’ve neglected my little blog for far too long! Lots of exciting things have been happening, but I haven’t taken the time to publicly ruminate about them. Keeping up a more thoughtful blog was one of my resolutions this year, so I’ll consciously make the effort to change that … again …

In the meantime, here are some work in progress from a piece I completed back in late summer of this year. A dear friend of mine, Georgia Hinterleitner, was completing her epic thesis on Canadian children’s literature, and asked if I could provide an illustration to accompany the publication of her work. I was super honoured!


Her thesis is titled Small Stones to Fill Big Pictures, and I took that as the very obvious theme of this painting. I was really inspired by photos of beautiful red forests in Canada, particularly after the leaves have all fallen and carpeted everything (even though they really end up more yellow/orange/gold/brown once they’re on the ground), and I also knew I definitely wanted to paint the child as a redhead (in honour of my friend) so there you go!

You can learn more about Georgia’s book here: Small Stones to Fill Big Pictures – A Look at Contemporary Ethnocultural and Regional Canadian Children’s Picturebooks, Their Figures and Themes

See the finished piece on my deviantART page