“Birdscarf” work-in-progress photos

Birdscarf is a sketch I had drawn much earlier in 2012, one of several I had doodled while trying to decide on an illustration for a new business card. It sat around on my desk for months before I finally came back to it and started watercolouring.

"Birdscarf" work-in-progress 1 "Birdscarf" work-in-progress 2

"Birdscarf" work-in-progress 3

"Birdscarf" work-in-progress 4

I generally let my paintings sit for a few days with the intention of coming back and touching up the piece when I can look at it with fresh eyes. Usually I don’t do much to it, but it always helps. Looking at it right now, I feel like I need to add more dimension and shape to the dark area at the base of the back of the neck; the shoulder looks too low.

I meant to take more photos, really I did. Except I forgot to take a photo of the sketch before I started painting, and then my camera battery died after 2 photos, and then by the time it finished charging I was done. Oh, well …