Through My Mind (series)

Brush pen, ink, watercolour. Completed April and May 2017.

Thoughts on The Osamu Tezuka Story – a fan and comic artist’s perspective

Being an artist, I enjoy reading about the creative/creation process. It’s healthy and helpful to remember everybodyR

Art year in review: Focus focus focus! in 2016

Another year, another art retrospective! The end of one year/beginning of the next doesn’t necessarily make me more refl

Wishing upon a pocket shooting star

It seems like the trials and tribulations of one year’s Christmas cards often inspire my thinking for the next. After th

Sheep Indicator

Brush pen illustration as a 2-colour risograph print, exhibited as part of the OFF PANEL print show. Completed October 2016.

When the Time Comes

Acrylic. Completed June 2016. Detail:

The personal equation of art + work

Over the past year I’ve had quite a few conversations that gave further pause to reflect on my approach to my art and craft.

Happy Lunar New Year of the Monkey

Brush pen, water and spot red watercolour. Completed February 2016. Emmie the android and Ranran the stuffed sheep from Now R

Art year in review: 2015 inkthrough and thinkthroughs

So here we are, taking stock of how 2015 was from a creative perspective! So December isn’t even over yet, but I had lot

Enjoying a hot cuppa – 2015 Christmas cards

For a while now I’ve been wanting to do a black and white Christmas card – something that works well conceptually


Brush pen and watercolour. Completed December 2015. Noodler’s Raven Black water-resistant (not waterproof) ink with wate

Inktober 2015 – Zodiacs

Brush pen. Completed one each day over October 2015 as part of Inktober. Originally posted on instagram and tumblr with quotes