humangray could be 1) a human shade of gray. It is most definitely 2) An anagram of “Mary Huang”. It is also 3) a relatively organized collection of “stuff” – a selection of pieces representing the sorts of things I do and enjoy.

Maiji/Mary Huang is a happy little squirrel made in Taiwan and shipped (by air) to Canada when she was very small. When she was a particularly teeny tiny squirrel, her parents ran a manga rental store. There she was exposed to a huge array of stories from many different genres, and since then her brain has been wired to love words and pictures all jumbled together. Her work runs the gamut from dreamlike introspection to small fat animals. In much of her art and writing, you’ll find inspirations from mythology and fairy tales, as well everyday human experiences.

On the whole, Maiji loves practically anything related to art and communications – design and print, books and book arts, comics, languages, literature, etymology, multimedia, blah blah blah you get the idea. She also gets really excited about paper, miniature food, and making stuff. If you see her, please feed her.*

*non-spicy food, as she is a wimp.

Learn more about Maijis: What is a Maiji?

More about me: National Post TCAF 2012 Questionnaire / Basket Case interview

You can also find me at art/indie/anime events in the GTA, and sometimes Quebec! Upcoming events will be posted here (see righthand sidebar).

Get in touch with me via my social media accounts (see righthand sidebar) or send me an email at m(at)humangray[dot]com!